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Record-Breaking Logistics Achievement by Prism Logistics in India

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Prism Logistics, one of India’s leading project logistics companies, successfully completed a monumental transportation project from August 2022 to July 2023. The operation involved transporting colossal columns and reactors from Hazira, Dahej, and Mangalore to Pachpadra in Rajasthan.

The undertaking required moving 34 over-dimensional cargoes, each measuring up to 55 meters in length, nearly 10 meters in width and height, and weighing approximately 750 tonnes, over a distance of 600 kilometers. The total weight of cargo transported was 12,582 tonnes. Prism Logistics meticulously prepared for the project, utilizing around 1,100 axle lines and over 115 Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs), with more than half being Goldhofer axles.

The transportation process began with shipping the cargoes from Hazira, Dahej, and Mangalore to Mundra by sea. For the first time in India, Prism utilized Goldhofer’s self-propelled PST modules for side-loading and side-unloading, demonstrating extreme precision and maneuverability in confined spaces. From December 2022, the cargo departed Mundra port in seven convoys, heading towards the Rajasthan Refinery in Barmer.


The road journey from Mundra to Barmer presented several challenges. The convoy crossed six railway level crossings, necessitating coordination with Indian Railways for permits and temporary closures. Additionally, numerous high-tension and regular electricity lines required shutdowns, and extensive road modifications were necessary. Prism’s teams efficiently managed these challenges, ensuring minimal disruptions.

One significant hurdle was crossing the Narmada River Canal, which required a 15-day halt of the water flow. This involved political negotiations and the construction of two 1,500-tonne capacity steel bridges. Another challenge was the 135 km single-lane road from Gudamalani to Balotra, where regular traffic was severely impacted, requiring rapid convoy movement.

Prism Logistics

Despite these obstacles, all 34 cargoes reached Barmer safely within 364 days. A team of over 400 professionals, including engineers from various disciplines, contributed to this landmark project, which not only set a new benchmark in Indian logistics but also provided substantial infrastructure and employment benefits.

Jean-Philippe Martin, Director of Sales International Business at Goldhofer, praised Prism Logistics for this milestone achievement. “We are honored that Prism Logistics has relied on Goldhofer’s transportation solutions for this record-breaking project. Our goal is to build partnerships based on reliability and innovation. We congratulate Prism Logistics on their impressive accomplishment,” he said.

Prism Logistics’ achievement was further recognized when they won the “Overland Transport Provider of the Year” award at the Heavy Lift Awards 2023, sponsored by Goldhofer. The judges were impressed by the project’s scale, the sizes of the cargoes, and the logistical challenges overcome to ensure its success.

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