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Brittany’s First Large-Scale Offshore Wind Farm Powers Up

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Brittany’s inaugural large-scale offshore wind farm has officially commenced operations, marking a significant milestone in the region’s renewable energy journey. The Saint-Brieuc wind farm, situated 16 km off the French coast in the North Sea, comprises 62 turbines with a total installed capacity of 496 megawatts (MW), each generating 8 MW of power. Covering an expansive area of 75 km², it is set to produce 1,820 GWh of clean energy annually, enough to power 610,000 homes in the Côtes-d’Armor region.

Sarens played a pivotal role in the construction of the wind farm. The company managed the installation of the turbines and ensured the smooth assembly of three tower sections onshore. Utilizing cranes such as the Demag CC 2500 and the Liebherr LR 11000, Sarens executed the lifting operations with meticulous precision and safety, achieving a flawless safety record with no accidents or Lost Time Incidents (LTIs).

The project’s successful completion involved complex logistics, including loading complete towers, blades, and nacelles onto the installation vessel “Brave Tern.” The Liebherr LR 11000 crane, initially configured with a 120m boom length, was extended to 126 meters to meet project requirements, efficiently handling the average weight of 150 tonnes per tower section.

With an investment of 2.4 billion euros, the Saint-Brieuc wind farm signifies a major advancement for renewable energy in Brittany. The facility is poised to make the region a net positive energy producer, generating more electricity than it consumes. This achievement underscores the region’s commitment to harnessing its substantial wind energy potential, contributing significantly to Europe’s renewable energy goals.

Brittany, known for its strong winds and high tides, has seen its landscape, economy, and way of life shaped by these natural forces. The completion of this wind farm, one of the first in France to obtain all necessary government permits for construction and operation, is a landmark development. It demonstrates the potential for renewable energy projects to meet the rising demand for sustainable energy sources and reduce CO2 emissions globally.

Sarens continues its involvement in the project, assisting with the demobilization process, as requested by Siemens Gamesa. The company’s contributions to the wind farm reflect its commitment to innovation, safety, and expertise in making wind energy more competitive and sustainable.

Climate change is the greatest threat facing humanity today,” said a Sarens project manager. “With an overwhelming need to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide, there is a rising demand for renewable energy sources. Sarens is honored to be a key contributor to achieving climate change targets around the world with offshore wind. Our safety standards, innovative solutions, knowledge, and expertise significantly contribute to making wind energy more competitive.”

The Saint-Brieuc wind farm represents a significant step forward in the global effort to transition to renewable energy, setting a benchmark for future projects in the region and beyond.

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