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Eti Maden Advances Boron Mining with New Machinery

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Eti Maden, the Turkish mining company, is propelling the global boron industry forward through the use of advanced technology and machinery. At its Kirka mine in western Turkey, the company employs a Liebherr PR 766 Crawler Dozer, renowned for its robust design and efficient operation. The hydrostatic drive of this dozer significantly reduces fuel consumption and extends engine life, making it ideal for heavy-duty mining operations.

Seventy percent of the world’s boron reserves are located in Turkey, with Eti Maden playing a pivotal role in their extraction and processing. Boron is crucial in industries such as glass, ceramics, agriculture, and electronics due to its strength, stability, and heat resistance properties. By leveraging cutting-edge machinery like the PR 766, Eti Maden enhances productivity and sustainability in mining operations, bolstering Turkey’s economy and impacting the global boron market.

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The Liebherr PR 766 Crawler Dozer is integral to operations at the Kirka mine, one of Eti Maden’s key sites. The dozer is primarily used for local material transport and is one of four such machines deployed by the company across various mines in Turkey. Designed to meet the high standards of productivity and reliability required in the mining industry, the PR 766 excels in tough working conditions.

The PR 766’s hydrostatic drive offers a 10% fuel efficiency advantage over conventional drives, reducing costs and environmental impact. This drive also enables efficient operation at lower speeds, prolonging the engine and component lifespan. The machine’s precise control and excellent all-round visibility ensure safe route maintenance, while its robust, easy-maintenance design keeps operating costs low.

Yalçın Sakarya, Head of Kirka mine operations, emphasizes the machine’s contribution to reduced operating costs and sustainable mining practices. The PR 766’s versatility in extraction and mine maintenance, coupled with its powerful capability to tear apart tough stone layers, makes it an indispensable tool for Eti Maden.

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