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Record-breaking Reactor Installation for Lithuanian Refinery

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The ORLEN Lietuva refinery in Mažeikiai, the only refinery in the Baltic states, is crucial for the Baltic economy and energy independence. Since 2000, ORLEN has been modernizing the refinery to meet future EU fuel quality standards. A significant part of this upgrade is the installation of a 1,500-tonne, 50-meter-tall Residue Hydrocracking Unit (RHCU) to boost greener fuel production and increase capacity.

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ORLEN Lietuva enlisted Mammoet, known for its expertise and long-term relationship with the refinery, to handle the transportation and installation of the RHCU. Planning began in 2016, with Mammoet and the Lithuanian Transport Authority exploring various transport options, ultimately deciding to transport the unit in one piece from Italy to Lithuania.

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The unit was shipped to Klaipeda and then transported 145 km by road to Mažeikiai using 88 axle lines of PST and conventional trailers, pulled by two prime movers. The 17-day journey, at an average speed of 3-5 km/h, faced challenges like heavy rainfall, requiring steel plates on gravel routes and temporary adjustments to infrastructure.

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The RHCU’s installation, using a gantry crane and LR11350 crane, was completed in seven hours. The project set records as the heaviest load ever transported in Lithuania and the first use of a gantry crane for a lift in the country.

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“The team did a fantastic job delivering a challenging project safely and efficiently, while managing the huge interest from the press and government agencies,” said Global Sales Director Edvinas Ivanauskas.Our customer has been highly appreciative of our work. It was a great job and an important one for Lithuania.”

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