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HSC Unveils Enhanced SCX1000A-3 and SCX1800A-3 Crawler Cranes

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In a bid to elevate safety standards and operational efficiency, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd. (HSC) has introduced the latest iterations of its renowned crawler cranes, the SCX1000A-3 and SCX1800A-3. This announcement, made in May 2024, heralds a new era of innovation in the construction crane industry.

Central to these new models is the implementation of a moment limiter system, featuring a large 12.1-inch touchscreen display. This interface not only offers superior visibility but also provides operators with real-time data on crucial metrics such as counterweight specification, ground contact pressure, and list and trim indicators, enhancing operational precision and safety.


Recognizing the paramount importance of worker safety, HSC has standardized handrails on the catwalks and improved access points throughout the crane. Furthermore, the integration of a Cummins B6.7 engine, compliant with EU Stage V emission standards, ensures optimal performance with minimal environmental impact. Advanced control systems, including ECO winch mode and auto idle stop function, contribute to energy-efficient operations. Additionally, the engine’s compatibility with biodiesel and alternative fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) underscores HSC’s commitment to sustainability.

Operator comfort has also been prioritized, with features such as seat heaters and lower headrests catering to individuals wearing helmets. The incorporation of insulating glass for the roof window, blocking over 90% of UV and mid-infrared light, further enhances operator well-being.

Moreover, enhancements to hydraulic circuits and the optional addition of rotation sensors enable improved synchronous movement of front and rear winches, facilitating complex operations such as hammer grab operations.

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