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Hinkley Point C Welcomes Arrival of First Steam Generator

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Hinkley Point C, the ambitious nuclear power project, reached a significant milestone as the first of its eight 520-tonne steam generators safely arrived at the construction site over the weekend. This crucial component, vital for the functioning of the power station, made its journey by sea and road, marking a momentous step forward in the project’s progress.

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Measuring 25 meters in length, these steam generators play a pivotal role in harnessing heat from the nuclear reactors to generate steam, which in turn powers the world’s largest turbines. The timely arrival of these generators aligns perfectly with the fit-out phase of the new power station, paving the way for the installation of the first nuclear reactor later this year. Notably, the generator was delivered in February of last year, showcasing the meticulous planning and execution involved in such large-scale endeavors.

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Following its arrival from Avonmouth, the steam generator completed the final leg of its journey, covering four miles by road transporter to reach Combwich Wharf on the River Parrett in Somerset. This intricate logistics operation underscores the collaborative effort and precision required in the transportation of heavy and delicate equipment.

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Each reactor building will house four steam generators, designed to operate at an average temperature of 295°C for a minimum of 60 years. The intricate process of designing, manufacturing, and testing these generators spanned over six years, emphasizing the rigorous standards upheld in ensuring their reliability and longevity.

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The successful delivery of the first steam generator marks a significant achievement for the Hinkley Point C project, signaling progress towards its ambitious goal of providing clean and sustainable energy for years to come. As construction continues and more milestones are reached, the project stands as a testament to the innovative spirit driving advancements in nuclear energy technology.

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