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Liebherr LRT 1130-2.1 Crane at Garzweiler Coal Mine

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The Garzweiler open-cast coal mine has a new powerhouse in its arsenal – the Liebherr LRT 1130-2.1 rough terrain crane, recently acquired by crane hire company Wasel. Teaming up with its smaller counterpart, the LRT 1100-2.1, this heavy-duty crane is now an essential tool for daily repair and maintenance operations within the mine.

In the heart of the Rhenish lignite mining area lies the world’s largest open-cast lignite mine, a vast expanse dominated by colossal machinery like bucket wheel excavators and conveyor belts. Amidst this industrial landscape, the new LRT 1130-2.1 crane from Liebherr is making its mark. Weighing in at 130 tonnes, it stands as Liebherr’s largest rough terrain crane and holds the title for the most powerful two-axle crane on the market.


Wasel, a leading crane rental company specializing in open-cast mining, recognized the need for enhanced lifting capabilities to tackle the growing size and weight of components in the mining equipment. Hence, the acquisition of the LRT 1130-2.1 in January 2024 proved timely. Christopher Neuhaus, Head of Mobile Cranes at Wasel, explains, “The demand for a robust, high-performance crane was evident, particularly for our operations at RWE. The Liebherr LRT 1130-2.1 perfectly fits the bill, providing the necessary power and maneuverability required for our tasks within the open-cast mine.”


Equipped with a 60-meter telescopic boom, the LRT 1130-2.1 handles maintenance, construction, and transport operations with ease, clocking up to 2,400 hours annually. Its advanced features, including the VarioBase system and Telematik telescoping system, streamline operations, enhancing precision and safety. Daniel Maser, a crane operator with Wasel, praises the intuitive controls and ergonomic design of the cabin, stating, “The technology onboard the LRT 1130-2.1 simplifies our work significantly. From load management to boom control, everything is at our fingertips, ensuring efficient and safe operations.”

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Furthermore, the crane’s robust construction, powered by a 188 kW six-cylinder diesel engine, enables it to navigate the challenging terrain of the open-cast mine effortlessly. With a climbing ability of 60% and a top speed of 20 km/h, it maintains productivity even in adverse conditions, ensuring minimal downtime for the mining operations.

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