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M.J. van Riel’s New CombiMAX Triumphs in Maiden Voyage

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In a debut journey that captured attention, M.J. van Riel’s latest addition, the CombiMAX trailer combination, showcased its prowess by successfully transporting an 88-tonne transformer. The spotlight shines on this innovative transport solution from Faymonville, marking its inaugural mission.

M.J. van Riel

Embarking from the Veghel industrial area in the Netherlands, the 4+6 lowbed combination, spanning 33.5 meters in length and weighing 155 tonnes, navigated a 850-kilometer route, traversing Germany en route to the north-east of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant.

Faymonville CombiMAX at Van Riel 4

Guiding this feat was Gerwin “Kubus” Boemaars, project manager at M.J. van Riel, whose thirty years of experience ensured seamless coordination. Maneuvering through local roads, including negotiating a challenging underpass, showcased the low loader’s agility and the advantage of its low loading height.

Faymonville CombiMAX at Van Riel 2

The journey culminated in the unloading area, where M.J. van Riel’s mobile crane awaited. Driver Ed, at the helm of a Mercedes Arocs 8×4 tractor unit, effortlessly navigated thanks to the CombiMAX’s power steering system. With precision, the transformer was offloaded, highlighting the robustness and efficiency of the transport combination.

Faymonville CombiMAX at Van Riel 6

Looking ahead, Gerwin Boemaars reveals a packed schedule for the CombiMAX, signaling a promising future for M.J. van Riel in the heavy-duty transport sector. With branches across Tilburg, Moerdijk, Eindhoven, and Oss, the company continues to provide innovative solutions in lifting, heavy-duty transport, and industrial transport.

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