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AAL Shipping Unveils New Vessel ‘AAL LIMASSOL’

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AAL Shipping unveiled its latest vessel, the ‘AAL LIMASSOL’, in a ceremonial event held at the CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company in Quanzhou, China. Scheduled to embark on its inaugural journey from China to Europe, the vessel, boasting a substantial 32,000 deadweight tonnage capacity, stands ready to transport a diverse range of heavy lift cargo. Among its inaugural cargo are two 135-meter-long barges and fifteen 80.5-meter-long wind blades, setting the stage for its vital role in facilitating international trade.

Kyriacos Panayides AAL

Kyriacos Panayides, CEO of AAL Shipping, lauded the collaborative effort that brought the ‘AAL LIMASSOL’ to fruition, emphasizing its bespoke design and innovative features tailored to meet the evolving demands of the cargo transport industry. Named in homage to Cyprus’ esteemed maritime heritage, the vessel will proudly fly the country’s flag as it navigates global waters, symbolizing a fusion of tradition and modernity in the maritime realm.

Shipping Deputy Minister Marina Hadjimanolis

In attendance at the ceremony was Her Excellency Marina Hadjimanolis, Shipping Deputy Minister for the Cyprus Republic, who hailed the vessel’s induction into the Cyprus Ship Registry as a testament to Cyprus’ enduring commitment to maritime excellence. She commended the partnership between AAL Shipping, CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Company, and other stakeholders, underscoring the significance of international collaboration in advancing maritime innovation.


The ‘AAL LIMASSOL’ represents the latest addition to AAL Shipping’s esteemed Super B-Class fleet, embodying the company’s unwavering dedication to technological advancement and sustainability in the heavy lift shipping sector. Equipped with cutting-edge features such as a 700-tonne maximum lift capacity, dual fuel capability, and a revolutionary retractable ‘AAL ECO-DECK’, the vessel is poised to redefine industry standards for cargo transport efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.


Yahaya Sanusi, Deputy Head of AAL Shipping’s Transport Engineering Department, emphasized the vessel’s enhanced cargo handling capabilities and flexibility, highlighting its suitability for transporting oversized and irregularly shaped cargoes across diverse industries. With its advanced design and engineering, the ‘AAL LIMASSOL’ exemplifies AAL Shipping’s commitment to meeting customer needs and driving innovation in the maritime sector.

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