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Flex Rent Specials Unveils Versatile CombiMAX Solutions

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Flex Rent Specials, a Dutch company, embraces maximum flexibility as its core principle. Specializing in heavy-duty vehicle rentals utilized worldwide, they’ve recently introduced three new CombiMAX combinations, expanding their capabilities significantly.

At the collection site in Lentzweiler, the impressive sight of numerous axle lines and accessories showcased the remarkable modular construction kit. Through detailed instruction sessions, the Flex Rent Specials team explored the extensive possibilities these combinations offer.

Flex Rent

These combinations feature three robust goosenecks, enabling versatile configurations. Supported by 32 axle lines, including various center bogies and jokers, they offer exceptional adaptability. Additionally, two double telescopic Add-On-Beams, extending up to 16,000 millimeters, facilitate modular and extendable semi low-loader setups. Two telescopic vessel bridges further enhance versatility, allowing the CombiMAX to function as a low-loader with hydraulic width adjustment from 3,000 mm to 4,700 mm.

Combi 21 KBV 6 Flex Rent NL Ch. 205029 10

For enhanced maneuverability, a turntable for the rear axle group, compatible with a free-turning device, is included. This modularity ensures optimal adaptability, catering to diverse heavy-duty projects globally.

Flex Rent Specials specializes in renting heavy-duty tractor units, semi-low-loaders, modules, and mobile cranes for short and long durations. With the addition of CombiMAX vehicles, their fleet offers an even broader spectrum of solutions for heavy-duty transport projects, elevating their service to new heights.

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