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Liebherr Revives Aging Cranes 

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Liebherr in Hong Kong has breathed new life into China Geo-Engineering Corporation’s fleet by overhauling their 23-year-old Liebherr duty cycle crawler crane, type HS 873 HD. This transformation, part of Liebherr Transform, offers tailor-made solutions for crawler cranes, deep foundation equipment, and duty cycle crawler cranes, enhancing their performance and longevity.

The HS 873 HD underwent a complete overhaul, including an engine upgrade from 480 kW to 605 kW and the installation of a second slewing gear, significantly boosting its strength and versatility for modern construction sites. This upgrade ensures that the crane functions like new, despite its age.

LHK HS873 Transform after 300dpi

China Geo-Engineering Corporation has chosen Liebherr Transform for several of its duty cycle crawler cranes, all over 20 years old, demonstrating the effectiveness and value of Liebherr’s services. The convenience of having all work carried out in one location, with Liebherr’s own staff managing the entire process from dismantling to reconditioning and assembly, adds to the appeal.

LHK HS873 Transform workshop

Liebherr Transform not only revitalizes aging equipment but also addresses the evolving demands of businesses, offering structural, electrical, mechanical, ergonomic, and digital modifications to increase performance, reduce emissions, and lower costs. With Liebherr, machines are transformed to meet the challenges of the future, delivering superior performance and satisfaction.

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