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Mammoet Crane to Upgrade Van Oord’s Svanen Vessel with A-Frame

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Van Oord’s heavy lift installation vessel, Svanen, is set for a significant upgrade with the deployment of Mammoet’s PTC210-DS crane, one of the largest cranes globally.

The mammoth crane, boasting a capacity of 210,000 metric tons and a class of 3,200 tons, was selected due to its unique capability and local availability.

As offshore wind turbines evolve for increased efficiency, so do their components. The upgraded A-Frame will empower Svanen to install next-generation monopile foundations at sea.

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Fabricated by Holland Shipyards, the A-Frame’s main components were transported to Mammoet’s headquarters in Schiedam, Netherlands. There, Mammoet will assemble the frame and transport it 66 meters along the waterfront using 64 axle lines of its Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs), ready for the crane lift.

Once installed, the A-Frame will elevate Svanen’s total height to 125 meters. The PTC crane will employ a configuration of 105 meters of main boom and 66 meters of luffing jib, supported by over 4,000 tons of counterweight.

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The installation process, slated for April and May, is expected to be completed within a week, thanks to the crane’s availability in Rotterdam and the ability to lift the A-Frame as a single unit.

Julian Alkemade, Project Manager at Mammoet, emphasized the efficiency of the project, highlighting the unique capabilities of the PTC crane, which significantly reduce downtime for the vessel. He noted that what typically takes a year to plan has been condensed to a few months due to the crane’s availability and capabilities.

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