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Evolution in Palfinger’s Skiploaders Range

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Specifically designed for dense waste collection, skiploaders are commonly used in urban environments to transport rubble or waste. Their design must be tailored to this environment, where speed and flexibility are essential for accessing tight spaces and avoiding traffic disruptions. Palfinger’s ST skiploader offers ample space between telescopic arms to facilitate the handling of loads weighing up to 18 tons. Even in challenging positions, operators can work swiftly and precisely thanks to smooth and intuitive controls.

While the overall appearance may seem similar to the previous version, the changes lie in the details. The new range adeptly adapts to evolving needs and customer demands while maintaining its performance in terms of quality, speed, and profitability.

Working at night? The silent mode is now available for safe and quiet operation in urban or nocturnal environments. Additional work lights are also optional to maximize visibility.


The CANbus communication system with the truck allows for engine speed optimization to adjust fuel consumption to actual needs and limit unnecessary expenses.

New configuration possibilities offer up to 9 locking points for enhanced security. Hydraulic locking in all directions also guides the bin for easy loading. Lastly, a new frictionless covering system contains the load, preventing it from flying off or spilling onto the road.

In intense workdays where concentration can be challenging, operator comfort is paramount to ensure focus. Palfinger’s teams have facilitated platform access with various ladder types to suit individual needs. The new front-end design is optimal for tool retrieval. All functions are accessible and intuitively controllable from the outside via either the radio control or the fixed exterior control.

Having all information consolidated and accessible anywhere, anytime? No need to search through maintenance booklets and other documents—all Palfinger equipment information can be easily accessed at any time via the cloud. Device information, maintenance status, technical documentation, and more are always available everywhere with the “Connected” option.

With features such as silent mode, fuel consumption optimization, and enhanced security, this new range redefines standards and promises to elevate performance to new heights.

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