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Continental’s Partnership Transforming Tyre Supply

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Continental’s strategic collaboration with Maritime Transport and T&C Site Services has reshaped the landscape of specialty tyre provision in the UK’s logistics sector.

The alliance, driven by Continental’s customer-centric approach and T&C Site Services’ operational expertise, has positioned Continental as the preferred supplier for Maritime Transport’s rail and freight terminals. This partnership emphasizes a shared commitment to innovation, efficiency, and unparalleled service delivery.

Maritime Transport, renowned for its low-carbon freight logistics solutions, operates eight rail freight terminals across the UK. With such extensive operations, Maritime Transport demands top-tier performance and reliability from its suppliers.


Tom Glenn, National Plant Manager at Maritime Transport, underscores the importance of value and efficiency in their operations. The collaboration between Maritime Transport, T&C Site Services, and Continental has resulted in tangible benefits, including enhanced performance and reduced service costs for Maritime Transport’s plant fleet.

Continental’s advanced tyre solutions, coupled with T&C Site Services’ proactive maintenance strategies, have yielded remarkable results. Through customer trials and rigorous testing, Continental’s tyres have demonstrated superior performance compared to previous suppliers, leading to significant cost savings and operational efficiency improvements.

Moreover, the implementation of ContiPressureCheck tyre pressure monitoring system has revolutionized tyre management practices, minimizing downtime and maximizing fleet utilization.

Trevor Adams, Managing Director at T&C Site Services, highlights the success of their collaborative partnership with Continental in driving innovation and delivering value-added services to customers like Maritime Transport.

Mike Leedham, OTR Sales Manager for Continental, emphasizes the importance of education and consultation in their approach, ensuring that fleet operators like Maritime Transport fully comprehend the benefits of Continental’s multi-solution tyre portfolio.

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