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Renault Trucks Boosts Deliveries by 18% in 2023

Renault Trucks
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Renault Trucks wrapped up 2023 with a robust performance, recording a total of 69,859 deliveries, marking an 18% increase over the previous year. Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks, hailed this achievement as a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable transport.

The notable surge in deliveries enabled Renault Trucks to solidify its position as a leader in decarbonized mobility, capturing a significant 22.4% market share of electric vehicles in the over 16-tonne segment across Europe.

Despite challenges posed by supply shortages, particularly in the first half of the year, Renault Trucks witnessed a notable uptick in deliveries across various vehicle categories. In terms of destination, Europe accounted for the bulk of deliveries, with 62,476 units, reflecting a 20% increase, while the rest of the world saw 7,383 units, up by 8.7%.

Renault Trucks

Breaking down deliveries by tonnage, Renault Trucks saw a 4% rise in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, totaling 40,833 units, and a remarkable 46% surge in light commercial vehicles, reaching 29,026 units.

Of particular note is the remarkable growth in electric vehicle deliveries, with Renault Trucks delivering 1,636 electric vehicles in 2023, marking an impressive 153% increase over the previous year. This includes 624 electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles, showcasing Renault Trucks’ strong foothold in the electric vehicle market.

In Europe, Renault Trucks experienced a 3.4% increase in global deliveries in the over 16-tonne segment, outperforming the market, while maintaining its leadership position in France with a 27.9% market share.

Looking ahead, Renault Trucks aims to further accelerate its transition to electric mobility, with plans to expand its electric vehicle lineup. Notably, the company is set to introduce two new electric light commercial vehicle models, Renault Trucks E-Tech Trafic and Renault Trucks E-Tech Master, in 2024.

Renault Trucks also continues to bolster its international presence, with a notable 8.7% increase in international sales in 2023. The company’s strategic investments in research and development, innovation, and sustainability underscore its commitment to shaping a sustainable future for the transportation industry.

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