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Mammoet’s Electric SPMTs Debut at ITER

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Mammoet has unveiled its latest innovation: electric battery-powered Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) at the ITER nuclear fusion research facility in France. These zero-emission SPMTs are reshaping the landscape of heavy component transportation, particularly for projects like ITER’s tokamak construction.

Partnering with logistics specialist DAHER, Mammoet is utilizing the electric SPMTs to transport crucial components, including massive toroidal field coils and vacuum vessel sectors, essential for constructing the world’s largest tokamak. These SPMTs, equipped with twelve axle lines, efficiently move components within the facility, enhancing safety and cleanliness.


Pascal Taconne, Mammoet’s Project Manager, highlighted the company’s swift response to ITER’s request for electric power packs, leading to the development of this cutting-edge technology. Extensive testing over six months ensured the SPMTs could perform daily tasks seamlessly, powered solely by electricity.

Previously, conventional diesel power units were used for component transfers, emitting noise, carbon, and fine dust particles. The transition to electric SPMTs not only reduces environmental impact but also aligns with ITER’s need for a clean working environment, vital for fusion research.


Michel Bos, Technical Specialist at Mammoet, emphasized the transformative impact of electrifying heavy equipment. Mammoet’s success at ITER demonstrates the viability of electric solutions in heavy transport, promising a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient future for construction projects worldwide.

The debut of Mammoet’s electric SPMTs marks a significant milestone in heavy transport technology, paving the way for sustainable and emission-free construction practices.

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