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UPM Biochemicals and Mammoet Collaborate on Biorefinery Construction

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UPM Biochemicals is spearheading the shift towards sustainable chemical production with the construction of a biorefinery in Leuna, Germany. This facility will produce wood-based biochemicals, contributing to the replacement of fossil chemicals with recyclable alternatives.

Mammoet, serving as the project’s general contractor, has played a crucial role in facilitating the construction process. Leveraging their expertise in heavy lifting and transport, Mammoet’s engineers have provided efficient solutions for transporting and installing large components such as columns, tanks, and silo roofs.

UPM Biochemicals

The installation of ten columns, each weighing between 5 and 170 tons, required meticulous planning to navigate the confined construction site. Mammoet’s innovative engineering ensured safe and precise positioning, even in tight spaces.

Transporting 20 GPI tanks, each weighing 21 tons and standing 23 meters tall, presented unique challenges. Mammoet’s transport study identified the optimal route and method for transporting the tanks upright, with careful consideration given to stability and clearance.

UPM Biochemicals

Special rigging techniques were employed for lifting the 30-meter diameter silo roofs, minimizing the risk of material deformation. Mammoet’s flexible approach allowed for adjustments to the installation sequence, ensuring adherence to project timelines.

Jonas Bartzschke, Branch Manager at Mammoet in Leuna, Germany, emphasizes the company’s pride in contributing to this groundbreaking project. Mammoet’s involvement not only facilitated the construction process but also exemplified their commitment to sustainability in the chemical industry.

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As construction progresses, the UPM Leuna biorefinery promises to usher in a new era of sustainability, marking a significant milestone in the transition towards eco-friendly chemical production.

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