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Faymonville’s 9-Axle StreetMAX Trailer in North America

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Faymonville continues to revolutionize the transportation sector in North America with its latest product offering: the 9-axle double-drop trailer StreetMAX. This cutting-edge trailer is designed to transport high and heavy loads with increased payload capacity and enhanced maneuverability.

The double-drop configuration of the StreetMAX is particularly beneficial in states where axle load and height regulations are stringent, as well as in winding routes where space is limited. Its hydraulically liftable and detachable gooseneck allows for continuous height adjustment and ensures maximum safety during the loading process.


Equipped with pendle-axle technology featuring 23’’ – 5/8 of stroke, the StreetMAX offers excellent maneuverability, while its king-pin steering with a steering angle of up to 60 degrees enhances control.

Operators can easily interchange between flat deck, perimeter deck, and spine deck configurations depending on the load requirements. Additionally, the trailer can accommodate a 3-axle jeep dolly under the gooseneck to support up to 100,000 lbs, further increasing payload capacity.


For even greater payload capacities, the StreetMAX offers the option to add a steerable 1-axle “Joker axle” between the low bed and the rear bogie. This innovative feature allows operators to comply with DOT requirements for North America while maximizing payload and maneuverability.

Constructed with a fully galvanized frame, the StreetMAX ensures the highest level of corrosion protection available in the market. Hale Heavy Haul offers a comprehensive selection of Faymonville trailers, including the StreetMAX, with various sizes and capacities, coupled with first-class customer service and after-sales support.

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