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Gantrex Expands with Liftcom Acquisition

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Gantrex, a specialist in engineering solutions for crane rails, has acquired Liftcom, a Port Crane Services (PCS) company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. With a turnover of €113m and over 450 employees across 20+ countries, Gantrex serves over 3,000 customers worldwide.

Since Argos Wityu’s majority acquisition in 2015, Gantrex has experienced robust growth, reaching record sales in 2023. The integration of Liftcom marks Gantrex’s second PCS acquisition, enhancing its presence in Europe’s leading port in Rotterdam.

Liftcom, founded over 15 years ago, specializes in inspecting, maintaining, and repairing port equipment. With this strategic move, Gantrex aims to reinforce its position in the Dutch market and expand its global PCS network, doubling revenue by 2026. 


Maarten Impens, Gantrex Group CEO: “Liftcom was created from a market need to provide reliable, top-quality services where safety is non-negotiable, quality is uncompromising and customer satisfaction is paramount. From the first conversation with Jethro it was clear that we share the same purpose at Gantrex. To maximize customer’s productivity and crane lifetime, all the while maintaining impeccable safety standards. I have rarely seen such dedication and commitment, and personally very much look forward to working alongside Jethro and his team.” 

Jethro Van Eersel, Liftcom Managing Director:After 16 years of relying on our own strength, knowledge and persistence, the time has come in 2024 to join forces and knowledge and seek cooperation with a partner who thinks about quality and core values in the same way as we do. Gantrex was already known to us as a good supplier with high-quality products, so when we were asked to think about collaboration, it quickly fit with our ideas. We are grateful and proud that our customers have given us the opportunity to develop as a service supplier. And we hope that with the acquisition of Liftcom into Gantrex we can continue and expand our services. We look forward to a great collaboration and a bright future”

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