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Telematics Boost Rokbak Customer Efficiency and Uptime

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US Rokbak dealer GT Mid Atlantic has revolutionized customer service by leveraging telematics systems to enhance equipment efficiency and uptime. Recognizing the immense benefits, the dealer established a dedicated unit to monitor equipment, resulting in a significant success story.

With a vast rental fleet of around 600 machines, including 74 Rokbak articulated haulers, GT Mid Atlantic faces the challenge of managing and tracking equipment across multiple locations. Fortunately, Rokbak’s Haul Track telematics system simplifies this task.


Operating across various states, GT Mid Atlantic’s New Jersey branch features a dedicated technical control area, known as the ‘War Room,’ solely focused on telematics monitoring. This strategic initiative allows the team to optimize customer uptime and productivity by tracking equipment location, usage, loads, and performance metrics in real-time.

Eric Marburger, GT Mid Atlantic’s Vice President and General Manager, highlights the proactive nature of telematics, enabling them to identify and address issues before customers even notice them. This approach significantly reduces downtime and enhances overall customer satisfaction.


The War Room, equipped with multiple screens displaying telematics data, is staffed by a full-time manager responsible for monitoring machine health and initiating preventative maintenance measures. Telematics alerts enable proactive communication with customers, ensuring timely resolution of potential issues.

Long-time customer Potomac Excavating attests to the value of telematics in improving equipment management and maintenance. The ability to remotely monitor machine health and location enhances operational efficiency and simplifies diagnostic processes.


Eric emphasizes the positive impact of proactive support on customer satisfaction, stating that customers appreciate the dealership’s ability to anticipate their needs and swiftly address any concerns.

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