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MCS Launches ‘Resource Mobile’ App for Enhanced Rental Management

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MCS, a rental software provider, has introduced its latest mobile app, ‘Resource Mobile,’ now accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.

The revamped MCS Resource Mobile app empowers engineers and drivers on the field to efficiently complete tasks through a mobile interface, providing instant feedback to rental controllers in the back office. The app enhances traceability, allowing controllers to monitor job progress in real-time, from job initiation to resource arrival at the site. Nick Thomson, MCS Sales Director, highlights the significant benefits, stating,

The new Resource Mobile app, available on both iOS and Android, offers instant advantages. The key benefit lies in enhanced visibility of resources on the road, revolutionizing ad-hoc planning by providing in-depth status updates for jobs.”

Additional features of the app include customized checklists and the capability to send SMS Text Message alerts to customers, notifying them when a driver or engineer is en route. Thomson emphasizes the positive impact on customer service, stating,

“Users report improved customer service, offering clear and accurate updates on engineer status.

The MCS Resource Mobile app is now available for download on the App Store and Play Store.

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