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Bolloré Logistics Launches Electric Truck for Last-Mile Deliveries in New York State

Bollore Logistics
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Bolloré Logistics, in collaboration with Sarcona, has introduced a sustainable logistics service featuring a 100% electric truck for last-mile deliveries between New Jersey and New York. Manufactured in the United States, the electric truck boasts a 200-mile range and will operate 359 days a year, covering approximately 60 km per day between Bolloré Logistics’ distribution center in Ridgefield and the customer’s retail network in Manhattan.

This initiative marks a significant step in Bolloré Logistics’ commitment to environmentally friendly transport solutions, aligning with its CSR program, “Powering Sustainable Logistics.” The deployment of the electric truck is expected to contribute to the decarbonization of road transport and improve air quality in the city, avoiding approximately 10 to 15* tonnes of CO2e annually, equivalent to at least -70% of CO2e and -100% of air pollutant emissions.

Michael Workman, Ridgefield Distribution Center Director at Bolloré Logistics, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with Sarcona, emphasizing the electric truck as the optimal choice for last-mile delivery. Bolloré Logistics aims to reduce its scope 3 CO2 emissions by 22% by 2030 as part of its sustainability goals.

This move follows Bolloré Logistics’ ongoing commitment to sustainable transport solutions, with previous investments in alternative-truck solutions, including a renewable natural gas (RNG) tractor truck and four compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks since 2020. These initiatives have collectively saved at least 50 tons of CO2e per year. The company is actively exploring additional projects of a similar nature, with deployment planned for 2024.

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