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Port of Malindi Welcomes Inaugural Operations of Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal

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Zanzibar Multipurpose Terminal (ZMT), a subsidiary of AGL (Africa Global Logistics), initiated operations at the Malindi port on September 18, 2023. To mark this occasion, ZMT welcomed the container ship MV UAFL ATHENS and efficiently handled over 300 containers for the region’s import and export requirements.

Nicolas Escalin, the newly appointed Managing Director of ZMT, emphasized the significance of this inaugural call, stating, “This marks the beginning of our efforts in the region to enhance the port’s productivity and efficiency, benefiting the people and economy of Zanzibar. We are fully committed to this endeavor.”

In accordance with the partnership agreement signed on May 18, 2023, following a competitive tendering process, ZMT has assumed responsibility for cargo handling and maritime services at the primary port infrastructure in the country. AGL, in turn, has committed to a substantial investment program aimed at modernizing and expanding the Port of Malindi. Plans include the construction of an inland container depot outside the port to alleviate congestion.

ZMT has absorbed the 400 employees of the Zanzibar Port Corporation, previously responsible for operating the Port of Malindi. The company has invested in training and raising awareness about quality and safety standards to facilitate the professional growth of its workforce.

According to Nahaat Mahfoud, Managing Director of Zanzibar Ports Corporation,This partnership underscores our commitment to becoming a prominent logistics hub in the region. Together with AGL, we aspire to contribute to the economic and social development of our country.”

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