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Sarens Sets New Heights with Successful TCI Project in India

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Sarens made a significant announcement in 2022 with the introduction of its comprehensive TCI (Transport, Crane, and Installation) package tailored for the Indian market. This visionary move marked the beginning of an exciting journey, culminating in the successful execution of Sarens’ first TCI project in India this May, in collaboration with Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd in Babra, India.

The project at hand posed a formidable challenge: the transportation, unloading, and installation of sixteen EN3.3MW 140mHH WTGs (Wind Turbine Generators). This involved a meticulous process that encompassed lifting these massive components from the factory, unloading them at the storage yard, transporting them to the designated site location, unloading them once more, and finally, erecting the towering WTGs.

The sheer complexity of this undertaking necessitated precise planning and the utilization of robust equipment to deliver a specialized TCI service package that aligned with the client’s exacting requirements.

The main crane selected for this pivotal operation was the Sany 800A, equipped with an HJFJDB_5 _ 150 Main boom +12m Fly jib configuration. This choice was rooted in its exceptional capacity to safely lift substantial loads. Its remarkable efficiency and swift assembly capabilities rendered it the perfect crane for this demanding project.

The equipment journeyed from Gujarat to the project site, where it was expertly assembled within an impressive two-day timeframe. Saravanan K, Sarens’ Associate VP Wind, noted that the team encountered a variety of challenges and obstacles during the intricate logistics of the WTGs. However, their seasoned operational experts deftly navigated these hurdles with a meticulous risk assessment and an effective mitigation plan.

The WTG components, including the tower shell, nacelle, hub, and blades, were skillfully transported and meticulously erected. An astounding feat was the lifting of the 90-ton nacelle to a towering height of 140 meters. More than 40 dedicated personnel were actively involved in the transportation phase, with an additional seven individuals assigned to off-loading duties, and a team of fourteen specialists dedicated to the lifting and installation processes, working tirelessly day and night.

All 16 WTGs were not only successfully transported but also expertly installed within a span of just five months. The client, Clean Max, expressed their utmost satisfaction with the TCI services provided. Signifying a promising partnership, Sarens is poised to continue offering TCI services for Clean Max’s upcoming projects across the country.

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