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Sarens’ Key Crane Working on Offshore Wind Project in Rostock, Germany

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Sarens has added the LR 12500-1.0 crane to its impressive fleet of over 1500 cranes, 3100 axle lines, and a set of Giant Cranes. Launched by Liebherr, the crane was dubbed “The Game Changer” by its original designers and offers versatile solutions for the offshore wind sector and beyond.

Currently stationed in Rostock, Germany, the crane is executing an offshore wind project for Sarens’ client, Van Oord. According to Sarens Managing Director, Carl Sarens, the crane’s high lifting capacity is its outstanding feature, which will help close the gap between the company’s crawler and ringer cranes. The new 2500T crane is particularly suited for jobs in renewables and port handling work, where it can handle the increasing weights of components.

In addition to offshore wind projects, the LR 12500-1.0 is also well-suited for use in the petrochemical industry and port handling work. Its easy transportability helps reduce rigging and transportation costs and time when deployed for global projects.

The crane has been christened “Straffen Hendrik” in honor of long-time employee Hendrik Sanders, who has provided over 30 years of devoted service to the company. The name signifies strength, goodness, fineness, toughness, and robustness – qualities that characterize Hendrik’s steadfastness as Sarens’ crane guru.

Sarens is committed to accelerating the energy transition and delivering projects on time while ensuring safety. The LR 12500-1.0 is a welcome addition to the company’s fleet and will serve as many clients as possible in the future.

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