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Boliden to Deploy Battery-Electric Volvo Trucks in Underground Mining Operations

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Boliden, a Swedish mining group, has signed a collaboration agreement with Volvo Trucks to deploy battery-electric trucks in its Kankberg mine in northern Sweden starting in 2023. Boliden aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 and sees the electrification of transport as a critical factor in achieving its climate goals. The electric trucks will provide several advantages, including a safer workplace, quieter working conditions, and zero exhaust emissions.

The first electric truck to be used in the Kankberg mine will be a Volvo FH Electric, which will transport equipment such as rock bolts down into the mine. Based on the experience with the first truck, another Volvo FH Electric will be used for underground transport of rock and ore. If all trucks in the mine were to be electric, the CO2 emissions from the mine could be reduced by more than 25%.

Volvo’s electric trucks can cover many different transport needs, ranging from urban distribution and refuse disposal to regional transport and construction traffic. Volvo’s goal is that 50% of its new trucks sold in 2030 should be electric.

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