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3-in-1 solution from Faymonville

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Faymonville has introduced the new ModulMAX AP-M modular trailer that combines the supporting assist mode with the self-propelled mode and the classic trailer mode. This transport solution is one of the strongest available on the market with up to 1,270 kN of traction force from one Powerpack Unit. 


With 45 tons of payload per axle line, the new ModulMAX AP-M can reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h in assist mode. The motorized axles of the modules can be engaged and disengaged at any speed, an important advantage because operators don’t need to stop the convoy for this maneuver. Additionally, all the motorized axles have powerful and above all homologated brakes. Customers can use up to 10 driven axles in the High-Torque-version. 

The ModulMAX AP-M offers seamless interoperability and can be combined with conventional 3,000 mm wide Faymonville ModulMAX modules and other brands. Users can couple it also with common equipment such as lowbeds, spacers, drawbars etc. The Power Pack Unit used for this mechanically steered module is identical with the one used within the electronically steered vehicles.

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