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Deme secures inter-array cable transportation and installation contract in the US

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Deme Offshore US has been awarded a contract by Empire Offshore Wind, a joint venture between Equinor and bp, for the transportation and installation of inter-array cables for the Empire Wind 1 and 2 offshore wind farms. 

Deme Offshore US will be responsible for the transport and installation of the inter-array cables, which have a total length of over 350 km (217 miles). Empire Wind 1 and 2, located on the East Coast of the US,  will have a total installed capacity of more than 2 GW and will power more than 1 million New York homes.

The installation works will be performed by a cable installation vessel from the Deme fleet in two campaigns. Currently the company operates the state-of-the-art cable installation vessel ‘Living Stone’ and this will be joined by a second DP3 cable installation vessel ‘Viking Neptun’ in Q1 2023.  

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