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The Eco1000 moving helper

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EAH company relied on a 4-axle Eco1000 with a power pack integrated under the loading platform to handle the transport of a 120-ton press with flying colours in the factory hall of a supplier for vehicle manufacturers. “The winding hall system in particular is quite a challenge. And the aisles are narrow, which is why a good eye and a steady hand are needed when steering the Eco1000,” says Product Manager Alessandro Giordano.  

The Eco1000 gradually took up position below the load. The bogie then rised a maximum 700 millimetres and picked up the press. The maximum payload of the 4-axle version with its 4 drive axles is 174 tons. Because the power pack is integrated underneath the 8,800 millimetre loading platform, this self-propelled EAH type provides more surface area for loading cargo.  “And at the same time, the Eco1000 remains compact and therefore manoeuvrable,” says Alessandro Giordano, describing the feature that is particularly important in this application. “This is also helped by by the electronic steering with a steering angle of + 135°/-135°, which allows even tricky passages to be mastered. It was driving diagonally right from the start.” 

Only 2,430 millimetres wide, the Eco1000 wound its way little by little to the hall exit, with 120 tons on its back. Once there, the press went for final scrapping as it has reached the end of its service life. Europe Automotive Holding a.s. is leading in the field of industrial assembly, the moving and transfer of machines, as well as the installation of power and technology distribution systems

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