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Sarens loads-out the biggest and the heaviest furnace modules in the world

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Sarens SPMTs and half-split SPMTs maneuvered the world’s biggest and heaviest cracking furnace modules based on modularisation design and construction in the world at the Penglai Jutal Offshore Engineering Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. – PJOE Yard in Penglai, China. 

The two furnace modules had to be transported and loaded-out at the PJOE Yard. Each furnace module weighed 8000T and measured 57.9m x 42.5m x 49m. The weight of the cargo was a challenge and the equipment and project planning had to address the center of gravity of the modules. Analysing the critical aspects of the modules the team decided to deploy for the first time the half-split SPMTs along with the regular SPMTs. The team used 276 axle-lines, 48 axle-lines type half-split, 12 PPU’s and an additional spare 6 axle-line along with 1 PPU. 

The equipment was mobilised to the site in 3 days using 60 trucks and assembled in 4 days in a limited space and tight time schedule. Sarens Project Engineer, Yang Guangjuan said, “Finally we successfully completed the load-outs of the most critical furnace modules in this project. The team worked efficiently in planning, engineering, equipment preparation, and operation.”

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