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Boeing 747 flight simulator takes off

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One of the leading Middle East heavy lift, heavy transport and energy solutions company, Al Faris, has lifted a Boeing 747 pilot training simulator using Enerpac SCJ-50 self-locking cube jacks. Previously Al Faris may have used either a crane or climbing jacks to install the 11T, 4.3(l) x 3.7(d) x 7.6(h)m flight simulator for aviation training, however, the highly sensitive nature of the load ruled these out. “A load of this kind is a challenge for any lifting contractor,” said Ninoshka DCosta, Marketing and Communications Manager, Al Faris. “In this particular case, we also had to consider the limited space, time constraints and comparatively high cube jack jacking height of 1.3m.”

Al Faris used four SCJ-50 cube jacks mounted on platforms to lift the aircraft simulator into position with synchronised lifting provided by an Enerpac hydraulic powerpack. “We were able to easily transport the cube jacks. With the simulator resting on stands at 1.1m, we used the cube jacks to quickly complete the rest of the lift to a total height of 2.4m,” noted Ninoshka DCosta. On reaching the required height, hydraulic cylinders were then installed to enable the simulator’s 3D movement.

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