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deugro Air Chartering delivers steel components from Egypt to China

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deugro Hanau, deugro Air Chartering in Frankfurt am Main, and deugro China collaborated to deliver steel components from Cairo, Egypt to Changshu, China. The components, including steel beams and angles of different sizes, were urgently needed in China to keep the manufacturing schedule of air cooler modules and to maintain the timelines of the end client. 

Together with its contracted Egyptian partner, deugro arranged the required repacking at the packing facility and the coordination with the manufacturer as well as with the airport cargo handling agent. To keep the tight timeline, the repacking work was performed around the clock. Within less than two weeks, 131 bundles of steel structures were repacked into 116 packages, allowing the safe stowage and lashing for transportation by air. Based on the assessment of the dimensions and the amount of steel structures to be transported, the deugro Air Chartering team selected and secured the optimal air freight solution: Three full charters using a Boeing 747-8F with nose-loading capability, ideally suited for the long items that needed to be transported. 

The steel structures were flown from Cairo International Airport in Egypt to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport in China within the course of five days, in three flights, each with a transit time of only 12 hours and including a technical stop in Russia. The date of each flight was planned in accordance with the completion date for the cargo to be released from the manufacturing and repacking teams. Upon the cargo’s arrival at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, deugro China arranged for its safe and on-time delivery to the project site using 14 trailers. 

deugro executed the project, with a cargo volume of 810 cubic meters and a total weight of 209 metric tons, on schedule, even though cargo measurements were provided at the last minute. 

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