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Gaussin ships to New Zealand

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Gaussin has announced the delivery of 7 APM FULL ELEC port tractors and 7 TT port trailers to the New Zealand port operator CentrePort, based in Wellington. The APM 75T HE is a fully electric port tractor for container transport. It is equipped with LMP® Lithium Metal Polymer batteries, a technology insensitive to temperature variations between -20 and +160°C, designed and produced by Blue Solutions. This APM 75T HE version incorporates several of the new optional Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including Heads-Up Display (UHD), Driver Fatigue Detection System and a sensor kit for obstacle detection. 

New Zealand passed a “Zero Carbon” law in 2019 that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a near-neutral level by 2050. International shipping and port operations are a significant source of carbon emissions. Therefore, reducing emissions in these sectors is a major and global objective. By choosing full electric port tractors, CentrePort is making a major commitment to the environment. Gaussin’s APM 75T port tractor will help to completely decarbonize the horizontal transport of containers in the Port of Wellington. 

“The investment in electric vehicles is part of CentrePort’s regeneration programme, which will deliver 21st century logistics assets that benefit the economy, the city, the community and the region”, said Derek Nind, CentrePort Chief Executive. “This investment also has strong business drivers for us, delivering a more efficient supply chain system with lower running costs, as well as lower emissions. Centreport is excited and grateful to be working with the very talented team at Gaussin to help us achieve these objectives”.

The shipment will take place in January 2021 for the APMs while the TTs were received in December 2020.

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