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Bolloré Logistics prepares for the worldwide transport of Covid-19 vaccines

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In anticipation of the marketing of 15 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines, Bolloré Logistics has taken the initiative to create a task force composed of experts from its network with a view to designing logistics solutions ensuring the seamless distribution of the vaccines as soon as they are marketed. The controlled-temperature transport of Covid-19 vaccines is a major challenge, as some of them will need to be kept at a temperature of between +2°C and +8°C and others at a very low temperature of around -70°C. As such, Bolloré Logistics is planning ahead and preparing for all possible scenarios, including active and passive packaging solutions. The company, which has obtained CEIV Pharma certification, will rely on its own resources as well as those of its existing subcontractors to transport vaccines by air in respect of the cold chain. Supplementing these solutions, Bolloré Logistics’ collaborative platform will provide complete visibility of the supply chain and, via the Healthcare control tower available 24-7, address any potential issues (including delays, temperature differences and damage). 

“Ahead of the marketing of Covid-19 vaccines, we have rallied all our skills and resources to meet the logistics challenges to come. We are ready to fully play our role in the global distribution of the future vaccines alongside all the players concerned, particularly pharmaceutical laboratories and international organisations,” said Olivier Boccara, Global Chief Commercial Officer of Bolloré Logistics.

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