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Mammoet and Verton sign on to springboard safer load orientation

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Verton, a smart technology company has announced a new partnership with international heavy lifting and transport specialist, Mammoet in a drive to raise safety standards in crane operations around the world.

This new collaboration will mean Verton’s equipment and solutions are made available to Mammoet’s network of clients, which includes the likes of Shell, Chevron and Keltbray, providing easier access to improved rotational capacity, exact orientation, and exceptional safety for even the largest and most complex loads.

In an exciting expansion of the partnership between international heavy lifting and transport specialist, Mammoet, and smart technology company, Verton Australia, an agency agreement has been signed to introduce Verton’s world-first equipment to Mammoet’s network of clients.

This will accelerate the introduction of safer load orientation technology to a global audience at a time when staff welfare is of the highest priority.

Managing Director of Verton, Trevor Bourne, said that the agreement marks an important step towards raising safety standards in crane operations around the world.

“Verton’s lifting spreader bars are fully equipped to remotely orientate any suitable load using angular momentum stored in our revolutionary gyroscopic modules to precisely rotate loads in either direction,” he said.

“This completely removes the need for taglines or for anyone to be near the landing area of loads, making jobs safer, faster and smarter. When an international heavy lifting authority such as Mammoet embraces new safer lifting devices in this way, it shows great trust and understanding of the technology and the importance to reinvent lifting operations.”

Verton offers a flexible range of lifting solutions for critical issues associated with lifting and orienting loads. From its popular Everest 6 spreader bars to custom systems with multiple nested spreader beams, Mammoet’s clients will now have easier access to improved rotational capacity, exact orientation, and exceptional safety for even the largest and most complex loads.

By way of further background, Verton has been involved in several key projects with the likes of Sir Robert McAlpine and the Tideway Project in Wapping in the UK as well as Royal IHC Netherlands elsewhere in Europe, supporting with safety by way of enabling hands free lifting and eliminating the need for taglines, improving efficiency and productivity.

“Verton is proud to be working alongside Mammoet to make lifting operations safer and more efficient,” said Mr. Bourne. “Greater market exposure of our products will result in less risk for workers, which is what we all want.”

Mammoet Global SHE-Q Director, Joery van Vlierden, said: “At Mammoet, our first priority is to ensure that all of our colleagues come home safe each day. We constantly seek innovations that will enhance the safety of our operations, and so are happy to use Verton’s load spreading solutions as part of future crane lifting projects.”

In the UK alone, the latest HSE annual report revealed that there were 6,480 injuries caused by moving objects within UK’s construction industry last year. 

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