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Goldhofer’s trailling dolly solution proves its worth

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Hofmann Kran-Vermietung has relied on Goldhofer’s new »bladeS« blade hauler in combination with its self-tracking trailing dolly for the transportation of three 75-meter-long wind turbine blades from Rostock to the Hopsten-Schale wind farm more than 400 kilometers away. Goldhofer’s »bladeS« is available in a number of different combinations. Through the use of a 5-axle tractor and/or dollies, for example, the system offers scope for a variety of applications. Further combinations have already been sold throughout Europe, and demand is growing. As a practical feature, the trailing axle can be coupled directly to the free-turning device when running empty. This turns »bladeS« into a standard tractor-trailer with variable-load lift axles to reduce tire wear. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, »bladeS« can also be used to transport other extra-long loads, such as precast concrete elements. The German company, whose portfolio includes work platforms, heavy transport vehicles and industrial erection in addition to crane rentals, is one of the first companies to invest in the trailing dolly solution, which was introduced only last year.

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