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Alessandro Fagioli passed away

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Alessandro Fagioli, president of Fagioli SPA and son of company’s founder, has passed away.

Fabio Belli, CEO of Fagioli said on behalf of the Board of Directors :”The Italian Tricolor  which is now lighting up the new Genoa viaduct was one of the dreams of our beloved President Alessandro Fagioli, whom we all have known for his  dedication, energy and foresight: a man who took the Fagioli Group to a global leadership.

Just few hours ago he passed away, after leading the company for over sixty years, having always considered a priority the good of his Group, of his Employees and Collaborators.

A unique and charismatic person who will always remain in our hearts, being aware that he will continue to lead us with his extraordinary optimism towards new and more important goals.”

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