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Liebherr Cranes to Complete Sagrada Família Construction

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The iconic Basilica of the Sagrada Família, under construction for over 140 years, is set to reach a major milestone with the help of Liebherr 710 HC-L and 125 HC-L luffing jib cranes. These cranes have been chosen for their adaptability and collapsibility, crucial for completing the 172-meter Tower of Jesus Christ, the main tower of the basilica.

The Sagrada Família, designed by Antonio Gaudí, is a symbol of modern Catalonia. In 2024, the Liebherr cranes will begin their pivotal role in the construction, particularly focusing on the Tower of Jesus Christ and other key sections like the Chapel of the Assumption.

liebherr 710 hcl sagrada familia 04 96dpi

Selected for their high lifting capacity and adaptability, the Liebherr 710 HC-L crane can lift up to 64 tonnes with a 55-meter radius, making it ideal for the tallest sections of the basilica. The 125 HC-L crane will assist with the chapel and cloisters. Their design minimizes the impact on surrounding structures, essential for the densely built area.

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One of the main challenges was erecting the 710 HC-L crane at a height of 54 meters, which will be extended to 130 meters and anchored to the Tower of Jesus Christ. A custom bracing structure was developed to support this phase. The cranes’ assembly required meticulous planning due to stringent safety standards and the crowded, tourist-heavy location.

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The project involves close collaboration between Liebherr, local supplier Grúas Cerezo, and Liebherr’s Tower Crane Solutions department. Their combined expertise ensures precise planning and execution, crucial for this high-stakes project. Grúas Cerezo, as the local distributor, will provide technical support, assembly, and maintenance.

liebherr 710 hcl sagrada familia 05 96dpi

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