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Keeping Sustainability on Track: The Role of Innovative Tyres

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It’s time to rethink tyre manufacturing, especially in the off-highway segment, with sustainability leading the charge. Rising costs of petroleum-based rubber and the need for efficient, cost-effective materials drive this change, alongside regulatory demands for eco-friendly tyre production and recycling.

Imperial College London’s Transition to Zero Pollution initiative highlighted the environmental impact of tyre wear, and the UK government is exploring decarbonization options for industrial vehicles. This trend has led to the development of new, sustainable tyre products.

Trelleborg Tyres: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

Trelleborg Tyres is at the forefront, revolutionizing tyre materials and manufacturing. By using renewable resources and advanced production techniques, they produce tyres that perform exceptionally while reducing carbon emissions. For instance, the TM1 ECO POWER tyre, made with 65% bio-based and recycled materials, offers high performance and minimal environmental impact. Similarly, the XP1000 treads for material handling equipment are crafted from recycled materials, reducing emissions and waste significantly.

In the construction segment, the EMR range is designed for loader, dumper, and grader applications, with a robust carcass that supports retreading.

Efficient Design for Maximum Performance

Trelleborg’s tyres are engineered for fuel efficiency and durability. The TM1 ECO POWER boasts low rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption and extending battery life by 47% compared to standard tyres. The XP1000 enhances battery power for electric forklifts and lowers fuel consumption for internal combustion trucks. The EMR1030’s design ensures low fuel consumption and even load distribution.

Prioritizing Operator Comfort

Comfort and safety are crucial for operators. The TM1 ECO POWER reduces deformation under load, offering stability and less deflection. The XP1000’s cushion layer absorbs road roughness, minimizing vibrations. The EMR series provides excellent grip on diverse surfaces, enhancing control and safety.

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