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Böcker Introduces LiftPlanner for Smart Crane Site Planning

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Böcker has launched the LiftPlanner, a new tool for efficient crane site planning. This software allows crane operators to quickly and easily create customized planning data, simulating optimal crane configurations for various projects. By visualizing the construction site and planned parameters, LiftPlanner ensures safe and optimized crane setup.

Integrated into the BöckerConnect portal, LiftPlanner can be accessed online from any PC, eliminating the need for additional hardware. The software, designed for Böcker’s latest truck and trailer cranes, features an intuitive 2D interface that simulates crane operations and lifting processes with just a few clicks.

LiftPlanner offers extensive configuration options, including outrigger positions, mast extension, jib angle, and load weight. It provides clear simulations with side and top views and calculates ground pressure, helping users avoid impossible configurations through color-coded warnings.

Results from LiftPlanner can be saved, exported as PDFs, and used for project authorization or tenders. This preparation saves assembly time and enhances crane performance, guiding operators for efficient on-site setup and operation.

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