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Bridge Construction with Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss Modules

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S. P. Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd., an Indian construction specialist, has recently secured Scheuerle SPMT PowerHoss 330 modules to streamline the transportation of 175 t prefabricated concrete elements for the ambitious Mahatma Gandhi Bridge expansion project. The bridge, spanning between Patna and Hajipur in Bihar, has been under considerable strain due to escalating traffic demands, necessitating its upgrade.

These SPMT PowerHoss 330 modules, procured with support from TII India’s Bawal facility, offer an impressive load-bearing capacity of 330 tonnes per module. Serving as self-propelled modular transporters, they play a pivotal role in efficiently maneuvering the hefty concrete segments into place on the bustling construction site.


The decision to invest in the SPMT PowerHoss 330 was a result of witnessing their exceptional performance capabilities firsthand at the prestigious bauma exhibition. S. P. Singla Constructions Pvt. Ltd. was particularly impressed by their versatility and efficiency, prompting a swift integration into their operational framework.

TII India stands committed to providing comprehensive on-site customer support, service, and spare parts supply, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the SPMT PowerHoss modules throughout the project lifecycle.

TII SCHEUERLE SPMT PowerHoss 330 SP Singla India 02

Renowned for their adaptability, the SPMT PowerHoss modules find extensive applications across diverse industries, including construction, mining, plant engineering, and shipyards. Their unparalleled ability to handle heavy loads and navigate challenging terrains makes them indispensable assets in large-scale infrastructure projects.

Built upon proven SPMT technology, these modules boast a robust construction design, hydrostatic drive, and electronic multi-directional steering system, guaranteeing precise and efficient transportation of heavy cargo amidst demanding project environments.

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