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MY DEVELON, a New Digital Platform for Construction Equipment Management

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Develon, formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment, has unveiled its latest fleet management system, MY DEVELON, to meet the rising demand in the industry. This new digital platform revolutionizes the management of construction equipment, offering customers and dealers streamlined access to maintenance and operation data.

Kevin Lynch, Marketing Communications Manager at Develon Europe, highlights the convenience of the MY DEVELON app and web interface, enabling users to remotely monitor equipment status and interact with machines through messaging features.

my develon

Exciting new features include the ability to download service tools and request personalized quotes for genuine Develon parts directly from local dealers. Lynch emphasizes the usefulness of this feature, empowering customers to select specific parts and streamline the procurement process.

The adoption of telematics systems is on the rise among Develon dealers and customers. Despite initial challenges with data overload, Develon is committed to enhancing user understanding through comprehensive training programs. Dealers offer concise yet effective training sessions to customers, enabling them to harness the full potential of telematics for machine tracking and proactive maintenance scheduling.

MY DEVELON Desktop Screen

Telematics services also facilitate timely notifications for required machine service, enabling dealers to engage proactively with customers and optimize machine uptime. Lynch emphasizes the role of telematics in ensuring machines operate at peak performance and receive timely maintenance when needed.

The MY DEVELON app is available for download, replacing the previous Fleet Management system. Users can seamlessly transition by logging in with their existing credentials.

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