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Fagioli Sets Three World Records with Heavy Transport feat

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Fagioli Inc., a heavy-load logistics provider based in Manvel, Texas, has achieved a remarkable feat using 880 Scheuerle SPMT axle lines. They successfully transported an offshore wind turbine installation vessel, weighing over 23,000 tonnes, from port facilities onto three barges, setting three world records in the process.

This impressive achievement marks the largest number of axle lines under one load, the heaviest weight moved by SPMT axle lines, and the heaviest load on wheels transferred onto barges.

The operation showcased the outstanding capabilities of TII Scheuerle’s SPMT technology, known for its innovation and reliability in heavy-load transport solutions. Fagioli’s use of 880 SPMT axle lines, supported by 28 Power Pack Units (PPUs), facilitated the seamless transportation of the 23,163-tonne vessel, named “Charybdis,” onto the water, marking the heaviest weight ever transported on land on wheels.

Additionally, the vessel’s transfer onto three parallel positioned barges, with a total weight of 26,900 tonnes, set a new world record for the heaviest barge load transported on wheels for boarding a ship.

Filippo Baldassari, Managing Director of TII Group, expressed pride in the achievement, highlighting the collaborative effort between TII Scheuerle and Fagioli. The successful transport not only demonstrates the exceptional performance of SPMTs but also underscores the commitment to innovation in heavy-load logistics.

Beyond setting records, this transport operation contributes to the energy transition, as the WTIV (Wind Turbine Installation Vessel) plays a crucial role in offshore wind turbine construction in the USA.

Fagioli’s long-standing partnership with TII Scheuerle, dating back to the 1980s, underscores the reliability and power of SPMT modules. With unlimited combination possibilities and a theoretically unlimited payload, Scheuerle SPMTs offer unparalleled versatility and efficiency in heavy-load transportation.


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