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ACEL Group Teams Up with Finnish The Switch for Vessel Upgrade

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ACEL Group, a Norwegian vessel lifecycle management provider, has partnered with The Switch, a Finnish power electronics specialist, for a major upgrade of the Island Frontier, a multipurpose offshore vessel built in 2003. The collaboration aims to prepare the ship for another two decades of demanding operations in line with the growing trend of retrofits over newbuilds.

The upgrade includes the installation of robust single drives from The Switch as part of an extensive overhaul of the Island Frontier’s electrical systems. This upgrade is crucial to avoid the high costs associated with maintaining obsolete systems for another 20 years, according to HPS CEO Bengt-Olav Berntsen.

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HPS, a subsidiary of ACEL Group, handled project management, engineering, and equipment installation. The scope of work involved the installation of various systems, including a power management system, integrated automation system, fire and gas detection system, emergency shutdown system, closed-circuit television system, and a ballast water management system.

Initially, the plan was to extend the lifetime of the ship’s existing thruster and propulsion drives. However, it was soon realized that replacing them entirely with new parallel single drives from The Switch would be more beneficial in the long run.

The collaboration with The Switch proved to be crucial in meeting delivery deadlines, particularly as the vessel approached its 10-year special survey. The Switch’s drives were chosen for their compatibility with the existing space on board and their adaptability to work with.

The work was carried out in Gibraltar, eliminating the need for the ship to travel to HPS’s base in Norway. This decision saved time and fuel, as the Island Frontier typically operates off the coast of Africa.

The partnership between ACEL Group and The Switch highlights the growing demand for retrofit solutions in the maritime industry. Both companies are aligned in their commitment to sustainability and the circular economy approach, aiming to make existing vessels more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Switch’s products are also being utilized in other projects, including the conversion of the Island Condor from a platform supply vessel to an offshore construction vessel. This collaboration underscores the versatility and reliability of The Switch’s solutions in various maritime applications.

Looking ahead, ACEL Group and The Switch are poised to further expand their presence in the retrofit market, leveraging their expertise to meet the evolving needs of shipowners and operators.

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