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VINCI Group Subsidiaries Forge Joint Venture for UK’s Great Grid Partnership

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Omexom UK & RoI and Taylor Woodrow, both subsidiaries of VINCI Group, have joined forces to establish a new joint venture named OTW in the United Kingdom. This partnership has been designated as a key delivery partner for the ambitious Great Grid Partnership program. As part of this initiative, OTW stands to secure design and build contracts aimed at connecting the UK’s new offshore wind farms, totaling 50 GW, to the national grid.

The Great Grid Partnership program is slated to oversee significant onshore electricity transmission upgrades by 2030, forming a crucial component of a £9 billion national framework. This framework is not only geared towards supporting infrastructure projects beyond 2030 but also towards generating substantial employment opportunities. It’s estimated that the projects associated with the national grid in the UK will provide employment to over 300,000 individuals at the peak of activity, expected to be in 2027.

VINCI’s involvement in these endeavors underscores the UK’s commitment to reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. With projections indicating a 50% increase in electricity demand by 2035 and a doubling of demand by 2050, the energy sector faces an urgent imperative to scale up its infrastructure. In fact, the sector will need to deliver six times the amount of electricity transmission infrastructure in the next seven years compared to what has been built in the past three decades.

In summary, the establishment of OTW and its designation as a delivery partner for the Great Grid Partnership program signal a significant step towards achieving the UK’s energy transition goals, while simultaneously driving economic growth and employment opportunities.

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