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Major Renovation Underway for Hamburg’s Vital Railway Overpasses

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The railway overpasses named “Ferdinandstor” and “An der Alster” in Hamburg are currently undergoing extensive construction work along the Alster river. Thömen, a crane service provider, is overseeing the operation with specialized equipment to replace these bridges under challenging conditions. Careful planning is ensuring minimal disruption to railway operations during construction, which is crucial as these overpasses connect Hamburg’s main railway station with Hamburg-Altona via five major railway lines.

Every day, 900 regional and long-distance trains cross these aging bridges,” highlighting the importance for Deutsche Bahn to minimize the impact of construction, explains a project manager. “Thorough planning and coordination are essential, with a precise timeframe for crane deployment and focused on-site work,” adds another team member. Thömen, part of the Hüffermann Group, is managing operations with four Liebherr mobile cranes, including auxiliary units, working continuously to excavate the existing bridges, even during nighttime.

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The confined workspace near the main railway station posed a significant challenge,” says an engineer, especially for the 650-tonne crane, necessitating innovative solutions. “By elevating the crane and using support structures like excavator mats and base plates,” the team successfully navigated the limited space, even crossing existing bridge foundations.

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“In the current phase, six divided auxiliary track bridges, each weighing 50 tonnes, are being installed amidst the tight conditions,” mentions a construction supervisor. “Converting the 650-tonne crane and assembling the lattice jib are primary tasks,” explains another engineer, with meticulous attention to ensure safe and efficient operations. “Deutsche Bahn’s plan involves situating the new auxiliary bridges above existing abutments,” adds a project coordinator, facilitating the dismantling of old structures and the construction of new ones while maintaining railway traffic.

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