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Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek Bridge Installed Smoothly

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In a significant development for Brisbane’s connectivity, the Breakfast Creek Bridge has been successfully installed with minimal disruption, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Brady Marine & Civil Pty Ltd, Georgiou Group Pty Ltd (GBJV), and Mammoet.

The bridge, a crucial component of Brisbane’s bridges program, aims to enhance pedestrian and cycling links across the river, fostering better transport connections between the inner city and its northern suburbs.

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The installation posed several challenges, including lifting and transporting a 300-tonne, 80-metre-long structure from the Port of Brisbane to its foundation over Breakfast Creek. Mammoet, renowned for its expertise in bridge installations globally, meticulously planned the operation, ensuring safety, efficiency, and minimal disruption.

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The process involved precise planning, from selecting appropriate equipment to managing the transportation route and installation phases. Using climbing jacks and a self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT), the structure was safely transferred onto a barge and transported upriver to Breakfast Creek.

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Upon arrival, Mammoet’s team carefully lowered the structure onto temporary supports and then onto its foundation, ensuring stability even amidst fluctuating tides. The result was a flawless installation, completed on schedule, with no disruption to marine or road traffic.


The newly inaugurated Breakfast Creek / Yowoggera Bridge now serves as a vital link in Brisbane’s infrastructure, offering improved commuting and leisure opportunities for residents and visitors. It will also play a significant role during the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, providing essential active transport connections to the athletes’ village at Northshore Hamilton.

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