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Jubilee 2025: Rome’s Historic Streets Renovated for Expected Record Crowds

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The anticipation for the Jubilee of Hope in 2025 is palpable worldwide, as the event, occurring every 25 years, signifies a Holy Year of grace and forgiveness.

Scheduled to commence on December 24, 2024, with the opening of the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, this Jubilee is expected to draw unprecedented crowds. With an estimated 32 million pilgrims anticipated to visit St. Peter’s Square, the occasion promises to be historic, marked by significant international events.

Preparations are underway to ensure smooth accessibility for the millions expected to converge in Rome. Renovation efforts focus on enhancing access routes to Jubilee sites and refurbishing the historic pavements, roads, and streets throughout the city.

Bobcat Equipment Rome Jubliee pic2 red

A notable player in this renovation project is Rome-based company Squalo 7 Srl, renowned for its expertise in roadworks. Entrusted with the task of resurfacing and upgrading the historical paving of streets adjacent to St. Peter’s Square, Squalo 7 Srl has employed innovative solutions to meet the demands of the project.

Central to the renovation efforts is the deployment of Bobcat equipment, renowned for its efficiency and reliability. The Bobcat E55z excavator, in particular, has played a pivotal role in removing existing pavement stones with precision and speed, facilitating the renovation process.

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Angelo Melato, Works Director of the Public Works Department of Roma Capitale, lauds the performance of the Bobcat E55z excavator, highlighting its exceptional capability to handle high-traffic construction sites efficiently.

In addition to the E55z excavator, other Bobcat equipment such as the E20z and E17 mini-excavators have been instrumental in preparing the road surface for the laying of cobblestones. Together with a fleet of loaders, these machines have streamlined the renovation process, ensuring timely completion of the project.

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Daniele Germani, site manager of Squalo 7, commends the reliability of Bobcat equipment, emphasizing their longstanding partnership with the brand for various construction projects.

The collaboration between Squalo 7 and Bobcat underscores the commitment to excellence in delivering quality infrastructure for the upcoming Jubilee event.

Supported by Ridolfi – MCI Lazio, the exclusive distributor of Bobcat equipment in the Lazio region, Squalo 7 is poised to meet the challenges of this ambitious renovation project, contributing to the successful realization of the Jubilee of Hope in 2025.

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