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Swedish Lifting Firm Adds New Liebherr Crane and Repairs Accident-Damaged Model

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Sven Jinert AB, a lifting and transport service provider in Sweden, has expanded its fleet with a new LG 1750 lattice boom crane from Liebherr. This addition brings their Liebherr crane count to four, with the LG 1750 featuring an SX3 boom system, providing increased lifting capacity and wind tolerance, particularly advantageous for wind power projects.

Managing Director Björn Jinert expressed the company’s commitment to flexibility, highlighting the ability to swap and recombine booms among their fleet of two lattice boom cranes on crawlers and two on wheels.

The LG 1750 combines the lifting power of a 750-tonne crawler crane with the mobility of a fast-moving mobile crane, making it ideal for rapid assembly tasks.

Furthermore, Jinert praised Liebherr’s craftsmanship, citing their positive experience with the LG 1550 model, which has been in their fleet since 2016. Despite an accident, the crane was expertly repaired and refurbished at Liebherr’s Ehingen-Berg repair center, reaffirming Jinert’s satisfaction with the brand.

Founded in 1988, Sven Jinert AB has grown to employ around 350 people across 20 locations in Sweden, offering modern equipment for lifting, special transport, and heavy-duty operations.

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