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Hiab Unveils New Hybrid Crane Solutions for Eco-Friendly Operations

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Hiab has announced its latest innovation in the form of a new range of hybrid crane solutions designed to minimize emissions and enhance operational efficiency. These advanced cranes harness the power of both the truck engine and a dedicated electric power take-off (ePTO), marking a significant leap forward in eco-friendly crane technology.

The third-generation ePTO portfolio from Hiab introduces three distinct models, each offering unique capabilities to suit various customer needs. With the battery pack integrated into the crane base, installation is simplified, and the overall design is more compact, making it ideal for modern vehicles where space is at a premium.

The HIAB wspr solution, operated by electric power, not only reduces emissions but also future-proofs businesses against increasingly stringent regulations. Furthermore, its near-silent operation allows for flexible use in noise-sensitive environments and during off-peak hours, opening up new business opportunities and contributing to a healthier working environment for operators and communities alike.

The Standard model caters to the larger segment of the market, offering exceptional performance for most applications and up to 1–2 days of work on a single charge. Meanwhile, the Light Duty model is tailored for drop-off applications, providing efficient solutions for specific operational needs. For customers requiring extended operational hours or longer periods between charging, the Heavy Duty model mounted on the truck chassis delivers unmatched reliability and performance.

These new hybrid crane solutions from Hiab not only save space and improve operational response but also come with a two-year warranty for the HIAB wspr system and a five-year warranty for the battery cells, ensuring peace of mind for customers. The Standard model is available for order globally, with the Light Duty and Heavy Duty models set to launch later in 2024. Experience the future of crane technology with Hiab’s innovative hybrid solutions.

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